Friday, November 18, 2011

If you are going to be killed by a wild animal, which one will do it the quickest?

You can be in the sea, or even attacked by a grumpy elephant, gorged by a charging rhino, but none of man's inventions should intervene. Direct attacks only. Nothing like sneaky rabbit burrows that can cause you to go plummeting over the edge of a cliff. Drowning counts if you get your foot stuck in a giant clam or attacked by a monster crab.

If you are going to be killed by a wild animal, which one will do it the quickest?
lol Why am I answering this?! I'm amused by the question, I guess. ; )

Well, drowning isn't an instantaneous death. It takes a few minutes, so that's out. If a tiger or lion attacks from behind and snaps your spinal cord, that isn't instantaneous either. You don't necessarily die from a severed spinal cord; you'd be paralyzed and completely helpless while the giant cats then took their time ripping open your gut to get at the soft, warm flesh within. Not quickly enough.

Hmmm...being trampled by an elephant would be pretty quick. Having one of those feet come down on your mid-section would be like having a car dropped on you. Though, if it comes to that, people can and do survive for a while having been pinned underneath a vehicle. So maybe that's not the quickest still.

I think something large, violent, and powerful would have to do the trick. Perhaps a giant grizzly bear? One swipe to the head can take your noggin clean off in an instant.

Too bad we don't live back in the days of dinosaurs. I'm pretty sure one chomp from a T-Rex would be enough to transport you to the afterlife in an instant. It'd snap you clean in two with one bite. Yep! That's my choice. T-Rex.
Reply:lol I didn't know that about jaguars. Thanks for the vote! : ) Report It

Reply:A jaguar is small compared to a tiger in bulk and strength..In fact a tiger's blow will crush the skull instantly more often than not.This has happened in Indian forests and related by Jim corbett and Kenneth Anderson in their adventures.

Anyway thank you. Report It

Reply:Brown Bears do hunt down and attack and kill people when hungry. Cougars may be more successful though. Polar Bears are hunters.

A Jaguar is big enough to kill a feeble simian, but only half the size of a Tiger. The Tiger is the most formidable, and one paw swipe may send you to eternity. Report It

Reply:All predators have to beware of getting injured by their prey. This is why the Tiger may go for the jugular instead of the nape. Death can be through suffocation instead of a broken neck with big cat attacks (elementary research only). . Report It

Reply:lion that beheads you with one swipe. Plus it'd be a cool story
Reply:As a rule, you're best off with one of the big cats. I Tiger would be my choice. They put a very swift very powerful bite on the neck, snapping the cervical spine. It doesn't get much quicker or neater than that.

Incidentally, the famous Doctor Livingstone survived an attack by a lion, and said that a feeling of complete calm and wellbeing came over him,and he felt no pain at all at the time, despite being quite badly mauled. Inexplicable, but comforting, heh?
Reply:A shark biting mi head off
Reply:Cone snail is pretty quick.
Reply:Hi. A jealous husband?
Reply:Tigers attack from behind and sever you spinal column.

That must be quick?
Reply:A King Cobra will send you on your way in no time.
Reply:A bear, sitting on my back while I was sleeping in campping.

Reply:well if i had to die by a wild animal i'd pick an elephant, b/c just one stomp to the head by a 8 ton animal would kill u instantly
Reply:snake bite that works instantly or a poisonous spider.whatevers quickest.
Reply:piranhas are quickest
Reply:My bets are on one of the powerful neurotoxin producers- either a banded sea snake or Chironex sea wasp "jellyfish". The sea wasp is so powerful victims cannot swim to shore, but the sting is said to be excruciating for a minute. On the other hand, the bite of a powerfully neurotoxic snake is said to produce feelings of peacefulness and even euphoria just prior to complete heart failure. Peaceful, quick and painless- yep, that's the way to go.

My reasons for not choosing others? Large cats like to play with their food, and I can only imagine the terror you would feel as you are being run down by an elephant or a rhino, 2 of the more dangerous land mammals. Hippos can eviscerate you rather quickly with their tusks, and actually cause more deaths than crocodiles. Not sure how quick evisceration would be, though. I am not partial to drowning, therefore don't like the idea of a crocodile attack. Suffocation from a wasp allergy does not appeal to me. Sharks tend to slice chunks away, which can be very painful if not done in very cold water. Perhaps an orca, which can take off my head in a single bite? That wouldn't be too bad. You still have the fear response, though. I think I'll stick with my first answer- a sea snake bite. Painless death with potential for feelings of euphoria is quite nice.
Reply:i dont want to be killed by a wild animal, and neither do i want to think about it.
Reply:A lethal stroke of the paw by a tiger will relieve you instantly without you being aware of what is happening.

Tiger is the best hunter on land.It can stalk you unawares unlike a lion.

Even if swallowed alive by a sea animal you will be struggling for life at least for a few minutes.

And the deadliest poison will take a few minutes to kill you.
Reply:A politician.
Reply:Mike Tyson
Reply:Well, one thing for sure, if I ever get swallowed by an elephant, I'm going to run around til I get "pooped out"


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