Friday, November 18, 2011

The Irishman and the elephant?

The Irishman and the elephant

An Irishman went to London for a visit to the circus. While there, he saw a man with an elephant act. The man claimed the elephant could look at a person and tell that person's age.

The Irishman was very sceptical and said so, in no uncertain terms.

The man had the elephant look at a small boy and the elephant stamped its foot 9 times.

"Is that right?" he asked the boy.

"Yes, I'm nine!" the boy said.

The Irishman continued his loud heckling, still not believing that this was true. The man asked the elephant to tell the ages of several other people, and each time the elephant stamped his foot and the people said he was correct.

The Irishman got even louder and more abusive toward the man.

Finally the man could take it no longer and wagered the Irishman that the elephant could look at him and tell him his age. The Irishman took him up on the wager.

The elephant looked real close at the Irishman, turned around, raised his tail and cut wind like you wouldn't believe. Then he turned back around, knocked the Irishman to the ground with his trunk and then stomped on him twice.

The Irishman, crumpled and bleeding, staggered back to his feet and with a sound of disbelief in his voice cried,

"Mother of Mary, he's right!...Farty-two!"

The Irishman and the elephant?
i normally love elephant jokes.... i know some very rude ones and that one was a little too clean for me.....still it gave me a smile.....
Reply:It's funny.
Reply:no good sorry!
Reply:nice one
Reply:Brill! that one...
Reply:That has to be the worst joke I've heard in a very long time! BOOOOOOOOOO, FIND BETTER MATERIAL!!!!!!!!
Reply:OH no Oh no Oh no I would have never thought the end was going to be like this. This was a complete surprise. What an ending. Very good joke. Thanks for the laughter.
Reply:HA HA HA

Reply:hilarious loved it (although bond one still is best - ok i will stop soon) xXx
Reply:Good joke loved it.
Reply:no from me
Reply:Must had been an Indian Elephant...................
Reply:at first I thought that was dumb

then I thought oh, he Irish "forty/farty", and apparently. . .

IT'S STILL DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
Reply:*laughs* hahahaha!

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