Friday, November 18, 2011

It was the elephant!?

One night during a supper of cabbage rolls and baked beans a father and son were breaking wind something fierce and gassing the poor mother and sister half to death, every time one of them would break wind, his father would say "Did you hear thunder?" and the son would blame it on the dog. After a while the mother closed the windows and door and told her daughter to put out the dog. She said "Now that should be the end of that rude dog and the thunder" Suddenly the air was shattered The father said "Did you see that elephant?" The boy said, "Yeah it went under the table!" The mother said "Now stop humoring your father don't be silly!" The son said "Honest Mom it was an elephant! Raised Dad off his chair nearly a foot it did!"

It was the elephant!?
haha, I love jokes about gas! If y'all knew me you would probably tell me to stop talking about toilets, butts, and turds. Did you Know John Crapper invented the toilet? It explains a lot, doesn't it?! haha, nice one dude

its good to know that people these days still appreciate a good old fart joke!

good one mate.
Reply:he he =)
Reply:heheheheheheh that wa fuunnyyyyy
Reply:I don't get it.


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