Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do you think the female species of animals orgasm at all?

The fact that they dont have foreplay and the the male species (ie elephants) only orgasm upto the point where they can hold thier balance on 2 feet.

Do you think female animals are happy and satisfied? You dont see them complaining do you..they just know they have to do it for the survival of the species.

Do you think the female species of animals orgasm at all?
in animals that have sex for pleasure (dolphins, bonobos, humans) the females of the species do indeed have orgasms. Female bonobos will actually reject male bonobos and masturbate each other purely for pleasure. For most other species, as far as we can tell, orgasm isnt necessarily pleasurable for either sex.
Reply:The pleasure of orgasm is a function of reproduction. The effects of a female orgasm actually help with the insemination process.

So, yes, I am sure they do.
Reply:I suppose the courtship rituals they do could be classed as foreplay, Tasmanian devils have it sorted the best. I watched a TV program on them they have sex and then just have a major fight afterwords.
Reply:I was raised on a farm, and unless the female animals are better at faking it than a Costa Rican hooker, the answer is yes.
Reply:That's because animals can't talk and voice their disatisfaction.

Anyway, human females don't "have" to orgasm everytime to be satisfied, but it is beneficial to as the contractions of the uterus during orgasm help the sperm be drawn in further therefore making the chance of conception greater.

Anyway, men don't necessarily see sex as only the means for procreation, so why should women see it that way?
Reply:First of all, females aren't a "species," and how do you know they aren't aroused? How do you know they don't complain, for that matter? Do you speak mongoose?

Are you justifying being a lousy bed partner by delving into the animal kingdom for justification?
Reply:Yes, human female.

as for non-human species


Mike, This is a difficult question to answer in a similar way to assessing the sensation of pain in animals. Certainly there are clues to an orgasm in the female, as much as in the male of non-human species. The fact that the female goes into an estrous period and is receptive to the male is one indication for potential orgasm. Another observation is that in most species the female has a characteristic mating motor pattern or mating rigidity that would indicate some sort of sensory participation in the mating event. Can it be called orgasm? I don’t know. Notice I don’t use the word pleasure or enjoyment. I think there is probably some similar sensory signals (neuronal transmissions) in both the males and females of most species during mating, copulation, or even amplexus, but the experimental techniques needed to evaluate this would be equivocal at best. From a research standpoint one would have to insert electrodes into nerve tracts or on neurons and try to establish patterns of action potential firing that indicate a “positive” sensory signal.

My trivial answer would be YES, of course. Otherwise, why would the female hang around for mating at all? But this is without any experimental evidence. Maybe you could become interested in researching your own question and help find the real answer!

Reply:Many female animals orgasm. Try googling animal orgasm,

there are tons of sites that talk about animal orgasm, from female rats, up to large land animals.
Reply:I think pigs do for sure. Not so sure abour cats...
Reply:Yes, human females orgasm. Just because you're too inadequate to pleasure a woman, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen.
Reply:Wow you must be really lonely


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