Saturday, November 14, 2009

Help, what is wrong with my foot???

it cracks above the heel when i bend it, especially upwards. i cant apply hardcore pressure on it, such as running on the treadmill. this has been going on for a month, i wnet to the doctor, but he cant tell the difference between a fly and an elephant, and ever since i swim more often, it's been getting worse.

please tell me what it is and how it will heal!! thanks a lot!

Help, what is wrong with my foot???
The muscles in the back of your leg need relaxing. I know what you mean about doctors. Massage would help. A pro would be best as there is a very major artery buried beneath those muscles. If you or a friend are going to do it anyways, remember always that when massaging your strokes must always go towards the heart. This is especially true in the lower leg. If you go the wrong way in that area, you could blow out a vein, I'm serious.

Seek out a professional massage therapist or find a massage school near you. Students usually are desperate to get their hands on people. My massage school let folks be treated a few times a year in open clinics. You do not need a chiropractor, by the way...they deal with muscles. If you know a good Osteopath, that's always your best best...they deal in muscle AND bone and SOOOO much more.

Good luck
Reply:x rays yo

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