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I have a ten year old chihuahua who has severe health problems?

My dog has severe skin problems and nothing we have tried has helped she is also deaf from chronic ear infections.Right now she cannot walk two steps without scooting and she is already raw from her tail to her belly and feet this is after a special treatment yesterday for her skin problems.She is also getting nasty with the other dogs and my husband.She has pacadermatis and her skin gets like elephant skin and raw and her nails grow over and under each other and this is very painfull also.I think I am being selfish by keeping her alive.The question I keep asking myself is am I keeping her alive for me or her?Any one got any help for me. Bertie

I have a ten year old chihuahua who has severe health problems?
I think you are doing everything you can to help your dog. She obviously is not well. I would suggest seeing another vet first to see if there's anything you can try to cure her skin problems. if you can do anything to make her better, that will probably improve her mood. But if you have already tried everything you can to help her, and she's just in pain, it may be time to say goodbye to your dog. It is very kind of you to notice how she is feeling and consider what is a difficult decision. If it ends up that there is nothing you can do to help her, I believe you'd be making the right decision to put her to sleep.
Reply:awww...poor little thing. I hate to say it but it does sound like you need to make a choice here and it has to be what is best for her. It does sound like she is in pain and very uncomfortable. I'm sure you do not want her to live like that. Good luck to you and God Bless.
Reply:You not gonna like this. Your dog is suffering. Have it put down. The dog will not suffer from this. You will, obviously, but don't you think you might be cruel by keeping such an animal alive? Sounds rather selfish.

Bite the bullet. Do it - for your pet's sake - PLEASE...
Reply:The answer is out there somewhere to your dogs problem. Her aggression is down to her uncomfortable state. I would think that her problems are down to her immune system. look up food that is good for the immune system %26amp; add it to her daily diet. If that doesn't help then it is time to call it a day. If she's not happy %26amp; enjoying life %26amp; you have done all you can it is the kindest thing for her. She won't know anything about it. You will feel peace for ending it before she lost her dignity.
Reply:i recommend going to the vet ASAP, don't worry, there will be a solution.
Reply:If you are unsure about her quality of life, why dont you discuss it with your vet. In a dogs latter years, your vet can be your best friend. Let him guide you he obviously feels she has some quality of life or he would'nt have prescribe treatment yesterday, without giving a good talk to you.

If you feel the treatment she had yesterday has made her condition worse, telephone your vet and tell him. It might be a case of it takes time to work and gets worse before it gets better, check with him.

If she is able to eat and walk a little to go into the garden to do her business and does'nt yelp in pain, take your time.

You are obviously a responsible pet owner to be posing this question and probably know better than anyone if she is deteriorating.

Dont make any rash decision, discuss it with your vet.

I really feel for you, as I have gone through this many a time, having taken in stray cats over the years and it is heartbreaking to see them grow old.

You will know when the time comes, that she's had enough. Life is so precious so take you time and be sure in your own mind before you make a decision with your vet.

God Bless you and your dog.
Reply:Pachydermatitis usually refers to a fungal infection: malassezia pachydermatitis.

The infection is often secondary to other causes. Before having your dog put to sleep, I would make sure he has been checked for:

- Parasites

- Bacterial and fungal infections

- Hypothyroidism

- Cushing's disease

- Allergic disorders ...

I recommend you make an appointment with a veterinarian specialised in Dermatology. Ask your local vet and I am sure he will be delighted to help you find the appropriate person.

If despite all this, the dog is still in severen disconfort, then humane euthanasia may be considered.

Good luck
Reply:Only you can answer that question Bertie but i suspect your keeping her alive because you love her immensely and cant imagine your life or your home without her and i fully understand where you're coming from. She's snapping at you and your husband because she is sad and upset about her condition, we're all guilty of that when we're ill aren't we? But, does that mean we have no right to be here? I think not. As you've tried just about everything there is for her skin, its time to look at other remedies. Buy a small pot of Sudocream, i say small because its dear and may not work, if it does, buy the big one, she's worth it. Smother her skin with the sudocream and leave it on to soak in. It will take a few days and a few applications to make a difference but what have you got to lose? Also, try nappy cream! Theres one on the market that begins with M but i cant for the life of me remember its full name sorry. Its dear also i'm afraid but do try it. It costs about £4 - 4.50 for a small tube, is pale yellow and stains everything it comes into contact with so be careful where she sits and lays when its on her. Its amazing stuff Bertie, its got antiseptic, antihistamine, tiny amounts of antibiotics and lots of healing properties in it. Its the best on the market for baby's nappy rash and if its good enough for them -! Theres also an emulsion cream / lotion that humans with eczema apply when they're in the bath and it moisturises the skin an awful lot. You can get it from chemists i think but if you cant, ask your vet to put it on a prescription for her. If she lets you cut her nails, do them every few days to keep them short or ask the vet if he wil do them this often for a nominal fee. If nothing on earth works for her and you've exhausted every avenue, maybe it would be kinder to let her go but try anything and everything first, then you'll know you did everything on this earth for her but it didn't work. I hope you find something that works for her x
Reply:Ya know, as much as I hate to put a dog down and I like to give them every chance, it really sounds like your dog is not happy, especially since she's getting nasty with the ones she used to love.

Ask yourself if she is getting any enjoyment out of life right now. There is your answer.
Reply:I know what your going through.I had a dog i loved very much for 9 years and she developed the skin problems, alone with a few other things. If you look at it this way you are keeping her alive for you.The hardest thing to do is to put her down.But to keep her alive and in this condition is painful for her. I put my dog down, it's rough but it's the humane thing to do.Don't make her suffer anymore than she is now.But that's your decision.

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