Saturday, November 14, 2009

I think... my plant is a chenise evergreen or elephant ears?

i am not sure which my plant is it only has four really big leaves about a foot by five inches, one leaf is bright yellow it used to be like the others which are dark green with white stripes leading out of the vain, i need some help here what do you think it is and whats wrong with that one leaf? how to care for it?

I think... my plant is a chenise evergreen or elephant ears?
Sam is right, it sounds like an Elephant Ear or Allocassia. The leaf has probably served its purpose and will die off after yellowing. Its no big deal all house plants do it.
Reply:I believe what you have is an elephant ear plant. Whats wrong with the one leaf might be an intense amount of sunlight on the plant, causing the chlorophyll to wipe off. I suggest moving the plant to a sunny-shady area. Kind of in the middle (not too sunny not too shady).

Good tips for caring for elephant plants:

Don't be afraid to overwater, just make sure you don't let it dry out for too long.

Fertilize every 2 - 4 weeks to help the plant do it's best.

Take out tuber (root system) before freezing temperatures start (put back in afterwards).

And as always, keep a sharp eye on the weather channel for bad weather and/or temperatures/climates.

Sincerely, [Insert cool name here].
Reply:chenise? heh

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