Saturday, November 14, 2009

I gave birth to baby girl on 2nd was vaginal,took an epidural and have some stitches.?

but my feet and legs are very swollen now,they were swollen b4 delivery 2 but not to this extent.they look like elephant this normal?how long would they stay like this.plz let me know.

I gave birth to baby girl on 2nd was vaginal,took an epidural and have some stitches.?
I had toxemia with my son and it took about one and a half weeks before the swelling went down
Reply:It took about a month for my water retention swelling to go away, but it happened gradually, not all at once. I don't remember it getting worse after delivery though, although my toxemia blood tests got worse for about a week after delivery and that really worried my doctor. He was worried about seizures. I think you should see your doctor. And congratulations on your baby girl.
Reply:Congratulations on the natural birth! You should check up with the doctor/geanocologist for any concerns pre-or prior birth. A cold foot bath may help until then to soothe.
Reply:So did you also have an IV? If so, that was some extra fluid! Also, your body has had a big shift in fluid balance when you had the baby. Its been used to having a lot more volume so it tends to retain water for a bit. It takes a good couple of weeks to a month for the swelling to go down. Keep your feet up as much as possible, drink plenty of water and stay away from salty foods.
Reply:Congratulations! On the baby. No that is not normal, contact your doctor. You are retaining water.

The swelling is quite normal after an epidural. It will subside in a few days, but in the mean time drink some pineapple juice... you won't believe how wonderful it works in releasing that water. I did this and the next morning I actually had ankles again!

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