Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mt brother have swollen legs that look like elephant legs.he also has joint problem?

his feet heve grown so voer sized that he cannot wear shoes.

some 6,7 years back we went to sea where he slipped on some fungus rocks ,he got some rashes and from there on ward he started developing that swelling.

i too had a wound there which healed after lot of time

but his problem is still there

im from pakistan and we have consulted so many doctors here but nothing satisfactory happenend

any there any doctor to look into it

you can email me for further information

i shall be thankful

im from Pakistan

Mt brother have swollen legs that look like elephant legs.he also has joint problem?
There are a number of possibilities that can cause this. I'm not sure how humid it is in Pakistan, but your native country may house mosquitoes that actually harbor an organism (viral in nature if I'm not mistaken; or perhaps protozoan) that can cause such a disease, which is called elephantiasis. This is what it's called because upon incubation of the infectious particle, certain lower-extremities of infected patients swell immensely, appearing as elephant-like in size. Some areas that might swell include the feet, legs, or even testis in males.

Another possibility is mechanical obstruction of the lymphatic vessels in your brother's legs, since lymphatic fluid circulates in a person's body, including the legs and feet. An edema, accumulation of lymphatic fluid, might have occured in the leg area, which escalated greatly perhaps because of another infection or perhaps because of the obstruction only.

There are other possibilities, and these ones are just the tip of the iceberg (not even). I was wondering if the physicians in your country did a CBC (complete blood count) and microbiology to see if any infections are present; taking a biopsy and lymph fluid sample from your brother's leg may be able to provide an insight as to what is present in the lymphatic fluid that might have accumulated in the affected area. If possible, can you please add more info (i.e. given possible diagnosis, any lab work performed, medications he might have taken prior, during, and after the swelling, MRI and/or CT scan result) regarding this?

Because based on the story you said, the edema may have been caused by mechanical obstruction, although this is not necessarily the case (if this is so, surgery could remove the obstruction and aspiration would lessen the accumulated lymphatic fluid, which relieves pressure and enables normal re-circulation of the lymph fluid).

Hope this helps in a way.


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