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Weight gain during pregnancy?

I'm 25 weeks and gained 10lb so far, you can't really make out much of a bump as it still looks like fat and quite small, plus the weight is mostly on my thighs, hips and arms. I keep craving mars icecream, jelly, snickers and donuts constantly so I've got a feeling i'm going to be huge by the time I get to my due date. So I'm worried I won't be able to lose the weight once my daughter is born. How much did you gain by 25 weeks, then by the end? How long did it take you to lose it if at all? I'm only 5 foot tall so the last thing I need is to still be the size of an elephant after I've had her! Any tips are appreciated.

Weight gain during pregnancy?
1st off you are degradeing the women who did gain alot of weight during pregnancy and wasnt able to lose it by saying " I'm only 5 foot tall so the last thing I need is to still be the size of an elephant after I've had her". 2nd every woman is diff. your only 25 weeks pregnant you still have a ways to go. You normally start gaining weight in the last trimester when baby is growing along with your uterus. so yes you still can gain more weight and if your eating all the sugar and candy that you say you will more then likely gain at least another 10lbs on top of the rest of the weight you need for pregnancy. Some women can lose the weight after baby but some women its harder. good luck.
Reply:I'm 5ft %26amp; gained over 2stone in weight, it was not fun trying to loose it at all! Jelly is ok, (u mean jelly not jam right?). Just dont eat the other things, hard i know but you will keep gaining all this weight if you dont. Try doing a few tri dips, lifts tins of food to keep your arms trim, do alot of walking (it is safe), or do swimming 3 x a week. That will help you keep it off. I was the size of a baby elephant, but then so was she 8lb 8oz %26amp; like i said i'm only small!!
Reply:Your weight gain is good so far. The recommended weight gain is about 25 lbs.

I gained 26 with my first and I've gained 17 so far with this pregnancy and I'm 30 weeks.

I've read that around 30 weeks you start gaining about a pound per week. I didn't find that to be true with my first pregnancy and so far in the last 2 months of this pregnancy, I've lost 3 lbs. I've had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies, so maybe that has something to do with it. However, as I got bigger with both pregnancies, I think I lost weight in other areas, especially my legs.

With my first pregnancy, I had lost the entire 26 lbs. of pregnancy weight, plus an additional 20 lbs. within 2 weeks of delivery. I can't tell you how I did it. I breastfed, which I know burns extra calories, so that probably contributed to it. I also had a lot of swelling in my lower legs and feet, which all went away within about a week after delivery, so I'm sure I lost some water weight.

Try to curb your cravings though. It's okay to indulge, but watch the intake. You don't want to be feeding your baby empty calories. Also, I pray you don't get gestational diabetes because you will not be able to eat all those sweets. I craved oreos with my last pregnancy. I was frustrating not being able to satisfy that craving. Best of luck to you.
Reply:I put on 2 1/2 stone and it took me roughly about 6 mths to lose it.
Reply:I take it this is your first. I know that during my first pregnancy, I felt hungry all the time. I still have the weight on (but only cause I'm too lazy to exercise! lol) and my son is fast approaching his 18th now!

Ignore the sugar rush cravings %26amp; try to eat other stuff that will replace the sugar your body your body is craving. I would also make sure the doc tests your blood sugar levels as it can be tricky during pregnancy to diagnose things.

Of course if the cravings haven't started cause of your condition, just ignore everything I'v said %26amp; carry on as you are (you probably would have anyway!lol)
Reply:You should definately consult with your doctor. A 10 pound weight gain sounds like a lot at 25 weeks. I'm at 24 weeks and have only gained 4 pounds, hopefully I can stay at that pace! I gained only 13 pounds with my 1st child and lost 24 at birth (great weightloss program!).

Believe me when I say I understand the sweet cravings (I have gest. diabetes and have to avoid it all anyway), I know how hard it is to fight the cravings, but you really should eat better for your baby. Generally with pregnancy you gain most of the weight at the end of your pregnancy and you're only half way there!

Good Luck!
Reply:chill babe! I am 27 weeks preganant. I was a size 8 before and now I'm a size 12! I always thought if your pregnant you carry on buying the normal size but in maternity range, but thats not true at all. If I try a size 8 maternity trousers on, they stop at my thighs because my thighs are like sumo wrestlers legs!

I have to eat all the time otherwise I feel very weak, but I have a HUGE ENORRRRMOUS BUM. Actually my bum is bigger than my bump!

I know I'll have to definately join a gym afterwards. and really work hard to get to a decent size 10 atleast.
Reply:i only gained a small amount with my first about 16lb but with my second by 25 weeks i had gained 30lb and by the end i had gained 60lb i was huge and everybody kept saying you will never lose all that weight it took me about ten months to get back to my normal weight which is 9 1/2 stone and not one stretch mark i didnt need to diet i just ate what i always ate but i did breast feed so maybe thats why it was so easy for me also when i was pregnant i didnt really eat that much more than i did when i wasnt i didnt crave sweet things like you it was chips and curry sauce and tangerines and i cant bear tangerines any more,good luck.
Reply:I had preeclampsia with my 1st child and gained well over 50lbs. I don't remember how much I weighed @ 25 weeks. I never had a rapid gain, it was pretty consistent from the beginning. I didn't start to loose any for a few months, I suffered from depression for a while and had a hard time getting motivated. Once I did, it took me about 6 months to loose it. That was living in the gym and counting every single calorie, it can be done though. Just don't loose it and then gain 20lbs back before you conceive the next one like I did this time, lol.
Reply:I'm a man - I've never been pregnant. My wife is 20 wks with our second and until a couple of weeks ago sounded just like you, until she remembered that with our first she stressed out about gaining weight, being the size of an elephant etc and it all turned out to be bollocks - within a few months she was actually thinner!

Enjoy your pregnancy - dont stress!!!
Reply:I don't remember how much by 25 weeks. I remember I had low weight gain durring the first five months of my pregnancy because I was constantly active. Then I was put on bed rest and at the end of my pregnancy I gained 36 pounds.
Reply:im 25 weeks also and i have a round belly around but i have only gained 4 lbs. you are barely showing and i cant see my feet. with my first one i lost 20 lbs but gained it all back plus 20 more. if you are not eating them all the time then you shouldnt worry about getting to big, if you dont want to stop eating them or eat them religiously walk in the morning or in the afternoon.
Reply:talk with your dr, they can tell you if gained the appropriate amount of weight.
Reply:I have always been told that when you are hungry try to eat crunchy things to take away the cravings...So since you are pregnant try some carrots, celery with peanut butter and raisins, or a handful of soynuts...A lot of times our bodies are just thirsty and we mistake it for being hungry. So drink a glass of water before you sit down and have that snickers or donut! Good Luck!
Reply:I have three children. I carried each one diferently, even tough they're all girls. With the first and second I put on about a stone by the 25 week stage and, by the end I was two and a half stone heavier than I was prior to conception. Some of this was obviously the weight of the baby and fluid as well as true weight gain. After giving birth I was just over a stone heavier than I was at the outset. I lost this easily on both occasions.

With baby no. three, however, I put on weight almost instantly, as soon as I had conceived her. By 25 weeks I had put on two stone and by the end I was three stone heavier. After giving birth I was a stone and three quarters heavier and I'm still struggling to lose it (she is 9 years ols now!)

And the moral of this story is I should have stopped at baby no. two!!
Reply:I am 5'2" and I don't recall what I weighed at 25 weeks but I did gain a total of 50lbs with each of my two daughters! I didn't have much trouble loosing the weight afterwards (partially because I breast fed and partially because I was lucky enough to take 3 months maternity leave and we went for walks a lot!) Don't stress about all the weight you gain right now unless your doctor voices a concern. Just let that baby grow! Congrats and Good Luck!
Reply:I think I had gained 30lbs by 25 weeks and I am 37 weeks now and have gained 20 since then....I am 5'3" and weigh 180 now but it is mostly in my belly and thighs, I dont even have stretch marks. Im not worried about losing the weight anymore I know it will take some time but I can do it. And my doctors havent said anything about it either. Alot of people gain about sister and mother both did and another girl I know that just had a baby did also....dont worry about it too much!
Reply:well to be honest you do need to stop eating all those fatty treats. One a day wont hurt but i would be careful otherwise you will pile on the pounds.

When you crave the forbidden things try drinking a glass of water or eating a handful of dried fruit or piece of fresh fruit. Much healthier!
Reply:Can't remember what I was at 5 months but for each of my two pregnancies I put on 1 1/2 stone (21 lbs) which I lost immediatly following the birth. Each baby weighed 9lbs.
Reply:I'm 5'2" and gained anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds with each pregnancy. I try to eat healthy but gave in at least once a week to junk food, but I also worked out while I was pregnant. Talk to your doctor about setting up an excersize routine that is safe to your baby and I worked out after the kids were born too...I went on a very strict diet until I lost all the weight and it took about three months to lose the weight with all my kids.
Reply:at 25 weeks I gained 9 lbs. I am 33 weeks now and have gained 13. so you dont seem that far off from me. Lets hope that we done blow up at the end. Good luck
Reply:Dont worry about how much weight your gaining. Ive read that by the end of pregnancy a healthy gain is approx 2 stone. Im 32 weeks and have gained 9lbs but havent been craving sweet things much which has helped! Im sure you will lose what ever you gain once she is born with all the running around you will be doing!

Good Luck
Reply:well my mum put on a stone by then


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