Monday, November 16, 2009

Why do elephants have 4 feet?

Because 6 inches just wouldn't be enough.

Why do elephants have 4 feet?
Ha! good to know there's someone out there on the same wavelength eh?

What's the next question? I suggest what's the biggest drawback in the jungle.(you must know this one!) Report It

Reply:Because if they had 2 they would fall over.
Reply:cos they have 4 legs
Reply:Beacause they only sell elephant shoes in sets of 4
Reply:Because a hopping elephant would shake things up too much.
Reply:I didn't think I'd answer a question like this but all the other answers are pretty stupid.

Its because they're vertebrates - tetrapody (4 feet or legs) is the primitive (this is a technical term meaning close to the ancestral state) feature for all vertebrates though some can vanish with lack of use.

The blue whale has a pelvic girdle for legs which are long since gone. If you look up Basilosaurus (a prehistoric whale ancestor) you will see it had tiny vestigial feets.

Reply:One for each leg
Reply:because they would look silly with 3
Reply:Scientifically,bcos they need to support their body weight.Naturally, ask God and you will know when you are in heaven.
Reply:they are scared of hands
Reply:so they can reproduce (big those elephants)
Reply:Cos they cant walk on anything less than 4. hahaha inmagine a elephant walking on 2 legs. :(
Reply:why do you have two feet?? why do dogs have four feet??? snakes don' have any feet?? because the creator designed everything according to his plans. so u gon have to ask him why.

or think really hard and if you come with an answer why u got two feet not four that might be the answer to why elephants have four feet.
Reply:because they have 4 legs!
Reply:well how many legs have they got lol
Reply:ask google
Reply:All the mammals,birds(including two wings). and most reptiles have four limbs.
Reply:b'coz they don't have 3, 2, or 1 but 4! hhehehehehe

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