Monday, November 16, 2009

Which of these animals are the most endangered or the list in order?

African Wild Dog ,Amur Leopard ,Anaconda ,Arctic Fox ,Big Horn Sheep ,Bison ,Black-Footed Ferret ,Blue Whale ,Blue-Footed Booby ,Bonobo ,Cheetah ,Chimpanzee ,Clouded Leopard ,Clown Fish ,Crocodile ,Darwin's Fox ,Dolphin ,Douc Monkey,Dugong

Eagle,Emperor Tamarin ,Giant Anteater ,Giraffe ,Golden Lion,Tamarin ,Gorilla ,Gray Wolf ,Great White Shark ,Greater,Hedgehog Tenrec ,Grizzly Bear ,Hellbender Salamander ,Hippo ,Horned Puffin ,Humpback Whale ,Iguana ,Irawaddy Dolphin ,Jaguar ,Lemur ,Leopard ,Lion ,Macaw ,Manatee ,

Meerkat,Monarch Butterfly ,Moose ,Octopus ,Okapi ,Orangutan ,Orca Whale ,Panda ,Penguin ,Pink River Dolphin ,Polar Bear,Proboscis Monkey ,Pygmy Elephant ,Pygmy Marmoset

Red Panda,Red-Footed Booby,Sea Lion,Sea Otter,Seal Turtle,Seal,Snow Leopard ,Snowy Owl,Spectacled Bear Stingray,Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo,Sumatran Rhino,Tarsier,Three-Toed Sloth,Tiger,Tortoise,Toucan

Tree Frog,Vampire Bat,Walrus,Whale Shark,White-Cheeked Gibbon,Wild Mongolian Horse

Woodpecker, zebra

Which of these animals are the most endangered or the list in order?
Wow, you are going to have to do your own work on that one. Not to metion you have a major problem with the list. To help you out with your search I will list the problem animals below.

Below is a list of animals that have more than one species or subspecies that you will need to narrow down. For example there are several species of giraffes each species has a different number left. There are a few that I did not list that have subspecies. I did not list them because their populations are extremely close.



















Reply:I think you have most of Noah's

Ark filled up there......Geeze.
Reply:You are really asking for a lot there. Try doing some of your own research and you may actually learn something.

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