Saturday, November 14, 2009

What's wrong with my foot?

it cracks above the heel when i bend it, especially upwards. i cant apply hardcore pressure on it, such as running on the treadmill. this has been going on for a month, i wnet to the doctor, but he cant tell the difference between a fly and an elephant, and ever since i swim more often, it's been getting worse.

please tell me what it is and how it will heal!! thanks a lot!

What's wrong with my foot?
go get a pedicure, and if that doesnt help, go see a chiropractor!
Reply:perhaps you need a super moisturizer? possibly even petroleum jelly. soak your feel in warm water for a while, then get a good lotion and apply it, then put socks on.

i'd continue to try and "soften" your skin as much as possible. the chlorine is probably not going to help you very much either.

once you get your heels good and moisturized, i'd recommend getting a pumice stone and in the shower, slough off the callouses around your heels.

good luck
Reply:go to a podiatrist

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