Friday, November 13, 2009

The ant and the elephant. What do you think?

One day, while an elephant was walking through the woods, she got a thorn stuck in her foot. She saw an ant passing and asked him to help her get the thorn out.

The ant asked, "What do I get in return?" The elephant replied, "If you get it out, I'll have sex with you."

So the ant gets busy taking the thorn out. When he finally gets it out he looks up at the elephant and says "OK it's out, are you ready?".

The elephant thinks, "Hey, what's a little ant gonna do anyways?" The ant climbs up and starts to work away. Just then a monkey overhead drops a coconut on the elephant's head.

"Ouch" screams the elephant, and the ant responds, "Yeah take it all *****."

The ant and the elephant. What do you think?
haha cute... ha
Reply:Holy Crap! That was truly awesome! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! LMAO!!!
Reply:hahahahaha love it very funny
Reply:Haha! Seriously funny. :-D
Reply:ROFL... very good...
Reply:thats funny! 10/10 lol!!!


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