Friday, November 13, 2009

Elephant seals- are they dangerous?

I once saw this video of an elephant seal crashing a car and a small truck with ease.

Check out this video:

Are elephant seals naturally aggressive to humans?

Also what would happen if an 18 foot 5000 lbs elephant seal collided into an orca at full speed underwater?

Elephant seals- are they dangerous?
First, male elephant seals are extrmeley agressive - especially during mating season. In an attempt to fight rivals, they will kill baby seals. They fight viciously usuing their 5000lbs body weight, teeth, and flippers like axes (they are not weak and flabby). During mating season they are highly agressive - otherwise not as dangerous - but still dangerous.

Anyway, if a 500 lb elephant seal swam into a 15000lb orca at full speed, the orce would kill it, and most likely swallow it whole. Hope I helped.
Reply:These seals are cute, but they're also very dangerous. Females are aggressive when protecting their pups, and the bulls are unpredictable. The seals have large canine teeth and are fast over short distances. Males can also be agressive when pursuing females.
Reply:Probably the orca would be knocked back but would then go and eat it
Reply:Elephant seals are massive, and aggressive. If they feel a human is encroaching on their space, or is threatening them, or even looking suspicious, they will defend themselves savagely. Don't forget, seals are predators, and fighting is a natural part of life for them - they do have the instinct to attack when provoked, no matter what species they're against.
Reply:To tell you the truth, any animal can do damage to humans. Whether it is a small ant to the dolphin, all animals have some sort of defense.

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