Friday, November 13, 2009

How many tattoos do you have and of what?

I have 3. Stars that wrap around my side, an elephant on my shoulder, and a heart design I drew up on my foot.

How many tattoos do you have and of what?
I have 2 and they are of my babies feet from their birth certificates
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Reply:a small mermaid with a face like my granddaughter. on my left arm

a nickel sized heart with a sewing needle and thread through it. right shoulder.
Reply:I have one for my mom on my right leg, a band on my left ankle, a fist that says 'fight back' on my left calf, cherries on the back of my neck, a fireball on the middle of my upper back, a girl on my right arm, a portrait of my dad on my right arm and a chest piece with two swallows, seven stars and two banners that say 'true love.'
Reply:i have a tribe tatue and i just got it 7 days ago!!!
Reply:I dont have any...yet.
Reply:I have 5 all together. A very good size guardian angel, a dolphin with my daughters name, a old school butterfly,a battle wound and a rose with my last name for my dad.
Reply:Butterfly top of right foot, tribal top of left foot. Cat face rt ankle, purple rose left ankle. 1/2 moon on stomach. Thumper the bunny on my a$$. Butterfly on the back of my neck and a large circle of roses and thorns between my shoulder blades.
Reply:i have 8 tattoo's , a tribal cross , I.N.R.I , 407 , JY , Armband , R.I.P JOSH , and praying Hands , if u want pics go to my myspace ,
Reply:I have a Punisher skull, and an eye with claws on my right arm. Blue and red dragons, and one of two dragons fighting on my right. I have a barcode on my neck. A German WWII military patch between my shoulders(I am not a nazi. I just liked the patch.). An M.C. Escher painting on my lower back of two hands drawing each other. An electrical outlet on my left foot. And a dragon's eye on my tounge. I am nowhere near done yet.
Reply:I have 11 tats.

I have "ohana" on the back of my neck, a phoneix on my right forearm, a libra sign on right shoulder, a aries sign on my left shoulder. a egyption eye on my right and left hip. a large dragon on my inner left ankle, a rose on my outer left ankle, a chiense charter on my innner and outer right ankle and a white tiger on my lower back
Reply:I've got 14 tattoos so far all pretty large. if you're really interested i'll list them off.

Traditional sacred heart with swallows chestpiece,

giant koi fish on my left calf, happy bunny on inner ankle,

star w/ rose on right inner ankle, psychopathic rydas on outer ankle, skull with sombrero over a knee surgery scar,

giant ganesh half sleeve, giant "hey diddle diddle" nursery rhyme in pictures half sleeve, calla lilly with scorpions on the back of my neck, "elven elven" tattooed as a ring around my finger, evil sock puppets tattooed on my inner wrists, and ani difranco lyrics tattooed on my inner forearms above the sock puppets.
Reply:I have a thistle on my right hip in honor of my Scottish heritage.
Reply:i have one.. its on my shoulder blade..and its a moon with a shooting star going across the moon.and smaller stars around it
Reply:John Lennons' self portrait on my ankle

A dog paw print, which I designed, on the back of my neck.

An ambigram of the word 'LENNON' on the side of my left hand.

I've never heard of a tongue tattoo! Cool!

And an Escher pic? I actually considered the birds/fish one, but decided it was too likely to not end up perfect!
Reply:i have 5 and counting. lol. i have a 2 different butterflies on my back, a rose on my stomach, dolphins along with my husband and our sons name on my ankle and stars on my foot. everyone of them is special to me and has a meaning of it's own.

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