Friday, November 13, 2009

Will you help Thai elephant?

The average day

for most Bangkok

elephants starts at about 4 p.m.

when the streets are still so hot

that they burn

the bottom of their feet

and finishes about 2 a.m.

Thai elephants are endanger from walking on the street in Bangkok .There are organization that help them like

please take a look

Will you help Thai elephant?
I swear I will never ride one.
Reply:I'd be careful of organizations like the ones you listed, although most are probably well intentioned, many exist only to elicit donations from unwary animal lovers like yourself. I live next door to where two elephants that are used to entertain tourists are kept. They have a huge field where they live when they aren't "working" and are alllowed to roam freely, the two elephants seem very happy and well-adjusted, and they do not go to the tourist areas until well after dark when the asphalt has cooled down. When they arrive at their destination, the tourists buy natural fruits from the Mahout and are then allowed to feed the elephants, while this may not be the ideal life for the elephants, from what I can see, they are treated very well, are well fed, very content and not abused in any way. Life in the wild may be the best thing for the elephants, but it certainly appears to me that my two elephant neighbors have a pretty good life.
Reply:I agree with Gerald J 's comment.

You need to see the whole issue in context and from Thailand perspective and NOT from the Westerner's point of view. It is easy to yell "cruelty" based on standards of "luxury" zoos and animal welfare groups in more affluent countries. A lot of animal organisation may start with good intention but emotions can get in the way of what it truly good for the animal. Make sure we are doing what is best for the animal - FROM THEIR PERSPECTIVE.

Your comment "for most Bangkok elephants starts at about 4 p.m. when the streets are still so hot that they burn the bottom of their feet and finishes about 2 a.m." makes it sound like Bangkok are over-run by hordes of exploited elephants. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I have been to Bangkok many many times and the whole time I have seen elephant twice in Bangkok - and this is only after dark.

Elephants are treated quite well in Thailand actually. All these "cruelty" assertion is because people don't see the issue from the Thai perspective.
Reply:It's not as bad as you say,

There is a group South of Chaing Mai, Cann't remember exactly were, but they call themselves "Freind of Asian Elephant" There is a well run Elephant hospital there, The workers there are volunteers
Reply:The change in the country's lifestyle has pushed many elephant handlers and their elephant out of work. It is good that there are organisations like these that try to help them still get a job. But the elephants need to be looked after properly and not be overworked. Some kind of foundations will be necessary in places where the elephants are required to help in the tourist industry. Maybe some kind of funding for the elephant owners so that the elephants need not have to work too long hours.
Reply:That's great, I will check out the links.

Why, oh why, doesn't the government do something about all the animal cruelty that goes on here?

I don't get it. I would like to raise awareness to this fact. If the government started getting some heat from outside countries, perhaps it would wise up.

There are so many animals suffering here, I can hardly stand it. I love hearing about people who are trying to save them. Thank you.

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