Friday, May 21, 2010

My neighbors (4-plex) masterbedroom is right next to mine. They are loud (sexually) all night? What do I do?

They come home around 9:00 pm, fight, run up and down the stairs like elephants, and then have loud, room-shaking sex that is really annoying. I mean, literally, my bed is moving along with the walls...there is a bathroom in between rooms where they also proceed to slam the drawers and cupboards and talk loudly. I have only lived here for a 2 weeks, and dont want to seem rude or get off on the wrong foot.

My neighbors (4-plex) masterbedroom is right next to mine. They are loud (sexually) all night? What do I do?
The subtle approach. Complain about the apartment. when you see them, ask them if they are having any trouble hearing everyone else, because you can hear "EVERYTHING" that's going on in the apartments around you.

(f your a pushy chick like me and that doesn't work, next time you see her alone say "Man, you guys really seem to enjoy yourselves. I had some house guests over and they said you two were better then cable."

If you don't have the guts to do that (and it's fine if you don't, I'm obnoxious) your going to have to go to the landlord and possibly even the police. If they are arguing, you are within your rights to report them for a domestic situations and most municipalities have an after 10 noise ordanance, both of which the police and and will procecute.
Reply:I had the same problem and I told my landlord... but it didn't stop... so I moved.

Also... I'm happy bcz of that... cz I got a better place :D
Reply:If their sex makes you so horny, then just masturbate.
Reply:Wear silicon earplugs %26amp; get fan in your bedroom to create 'white' noise.
Reply:Act like you are concerned about the noise. "Hi, were you ok last night? I heard all this screaming and slamming of doors. For a while my wall even felt like it was shaking. I almost called the police, I was so worried there was something wrong."

Hopefully they'll get the hint. If not, I suggest pulling the bed away from the wall, a good set of ear plugs, and some music in your place. Good luck
Reply:Leave them a note: "I heard you ******* again last night. Here's the number of a good sex therapist - you two need a lot of help."
Reply:call the police on them every night. people learn their lesson after that happens.
Reply:You could stop by, ask if everything is okay, since you hear shouting late at night, and remind them that the walls are quite thin.

If they don't get it, sell tickets.
Reply:If they're sexy, I'd join them. Threesomes are awesome!
Reply:Not only is that gross, but if you were in their position, woulnd't you want to know that the whole house can hear you make love?? I would want to know!

I suggest writing a simple little note saying something like 'Could you keep it down at night?' you could make it witty and be like 'I can see how much you two love each other (and I can hear it every night!) but could you tone it down a little?'
Reply:Go ahead and be rude. They obviously don't care if they are disturbing you. I would knock on the door and have a talk with them. If that doesn't do any good talk to the people who own the building. They are probably disturbing other people too.
Reply:You might just tell them politely that they are a bit too loud. If they won't cooperate or are jerks, talk to your landlord. If all else fails, get an audio tape recorder and tape them. Then tell them you don't appreciate having to listen to that all night. Actually, taping them might be a good thing for talking to your landlord.
Reply:Have your own loud-shake the house-sex!
Reply:I found applauding and yelling encouragements will put an end to it. I like the idea of inviting friends over and really encourage them. If you are good looking or desirable in their eyes, than they are doing it for another reason. To entice you to join them.

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