Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why is hinduism full of fairy tales that include....?

Flying %26amp; talking monkeys, elephant riding on a rat with foot lying above the earth?

Also hypocrisy like their god's marrying 100 women yet they brag about monogamy and their precious culture that never existed.

Why is hinduism full of fairy tales that include....?
Is there really any difference between "flying and talking monkeys" and talking snakes in the Garden of Eden?
Reply:And CAST , the bitter part of it. Still there are mi
Reply:||ions of dumb followers. Are we in the 2006 ? or 1006 ?
Reply:hindu gods never brag about monogamy. they never bragged.

monogamy is accepted in hindu society after the arrival of british in india. also hindus are intelligent on this count. they know what thier limits are - of having more than one wife and many children are not feasible for a good life.

every religion is based on certain symbolisms. unlike christianity and islam, which does not know the meaning of monotheism itself, hinduism worships a universal god through many gods. that concept is alien to semetic based religions. its not about fairy tales, these stories are to convey a message from scriptures. those who do not know about the cosmic religion called Sanatana dharma which is now called as hinduism get into these idiotic talks and starts to deride hinduism without any basis.

i think explaining too much to a person who has no interest in hinduism is of no use. because hindusim is to be lived. its a living religion. life is hinduism.
Reply:In Hinduism, each and everything in the world is treated as equal to god. That is called brahamam. A Rishi will worship even his excreta. They see no difference. Everyone is brothers and sisters(held in equal positions). The fairy tales are the symbolic representation of some ideals. Everything in this world has special in something. So, in giving these representations, what it is trying to put through is the fact that everything s equal and symbiotic. What one is meant to take from these fairy tales the morals and ideals. One is not to ponder upon the flying and talking monkeys.
Reply:WOW!!! really is wow.
Reply:Most religions are filled with fairy tales. Do you really think that Adam and Eve had children that lived to be 900 years old? Do you really believe that Noah was able to get a pair of each animal on the planet on a boat? C'mon now...think about it.
Reply:because all religions have emanated from Hinduism and look at the fairy tales they tell ,all people coming from Adam and Eve 12000 year ago ETC,what a story


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