Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Who's the preditor?

@ 3 am, I saw a program on Discovery about golden baboons. It showed how different species will help each other when a preditor is lurking about. All species recognize the warning calls of other animals. There was a severe drought and they were all trying to get water. the elephants are known to protect their young @ all cost. they are the largest land mammals. Well the baby died and all the elephants were crying. tears came from a gland near the temple which was a sign of stress. I watched as the mother touched her dead baby %26amp; swayed her foot over the body. all the elephants did the same and did not want to leave this baby. It was heartbreaking. The next day, i saw a program on preditors. We all know it's survival of the fittest %26amp; animals only kill for food. Then they told about the worst preditor, man. They showed men shooting elephants for fun. I cried %26amp; shut off the tv. Why do men kill for fun? Whose the worst preditor, wild animals, or humans? any opinions?

Who's the preditor?
Humans are the worst. No contest. We exterminate more species of animal on land, sea, or air in a day than all other animals combined do in a century. We kill elephants and rhinos for their ivory in their tusks and horns only and leave the bodies to rot. We kill animals so we could have stuffed heads mounted on our walls. We kill each other for Ipods and Nikes, or money. Our quest for oil, is the absolute worst thing we can do. Fom the oil spills to the pollution our cars put out is a major problem for all life on this planet. Those islands we build destroy ecosystems in the sea by the thousands. For every ton of sand scooped from the sea bed, 10 tons of silt is spread into the sea causing massive damage to the sea life suffocating the fish, burying the sea life that lives on the bottem, blocking out the sunlight out like a massive sandsorm underwater that could take months to settle down. Global warming is the most noticable form of mass extinction to be. You can see the arctic and antarctic ice shelves melting away destroying the habitats of thousands of species. Polar bears are already on verge of extinction. People are so smart yet we are the dumbest speciest on the planet. Already oil rights go to russia with thier claim of the arctic sea beds once the ice is gone. And they beat everyone to the punch. Ignorance/vanity is the humans downfall. The quest for the almighty dollar gives no care to the wildlife that is needed to maintain life for us all. We kill for fun, sport, for money but never for necessity. Humans are idiots and if there is any hope for the planets survival we need to change or die out altogether. Shameful as it is, it is true. We are planet killers not just killers. Just look at the weapons we build and thank god we don't use them(again).
Reply:Humans are the worst preditor. He don't only kill for food, but he kill for fun. Thanks God not all humans are hunters..............
Reply:As a child, in Illinois, I went to the Brookfield Zoo. In the Nocturnal Animal exhibit there was a window to view the most dangerous creature on earth. I was 7 years old. It took me a few minutes to comprehend. All you saw was a reflection of yourself. Per your "why" question - if we knew, we really could save the world. Killing isn't for fun. Rape, brutality - just being a bully - none of this is for fun. It's a rage born from a feeling of inadequacy.
Reply:Humans are. Animals kill others for food, and don't let any (or much) of their prey go to waste. Humans kill animals for their fur coats or their fins, then let the rest of the animal go to waste. Humans kill for one little thing, while other animals kill to survive.
Reply:We, the humans are the worst preditor on the planet. We kill for fun, and we take to much of what we really need. Animals, I wish could stop this, but they cant and that is why us the people who ACTIUALLY care, have to do somrhting.
Reply:Humans are the worst predators of all because human hunt for fun, humans think they can do what ever they want because the have the tools to do it. Humans do not kill for survival or food like other predators.
Reply:Humans are the worst predators that live on earth. He is because he hunts the most living things in the planet than any other predetors that live.
Reply:humans are the worst, because they kill for fun

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