Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Would you rather?

1)Eat poop or be in a locked cage wit tigers

2)eat peanut butter off a hobbo's foot or marriage a elephant

3)cut all your hair off and it will never grow or loose both of your hands

4)be in love wit someone who does not love you back or be locked in a elevator for 3 days

Would you rather?
1.Eat poop

2.Eat peanut butter off a hobbo's foot

3.Cut all my hair off

4.B inlove with someone who doesn't loves me
Reply:1)be in a locked cage wit tigers

2)marriage a elephant

3)cut all your hair off and it will never grow

4)be locked in a elevator for 3 days
Reply:I love would you rathers.

1) locked with a tiger - I can't handle the thought of eating poop

2) eat peanut butter off a hobos foot - elephants are just a little too big

3) cut off my hair - you can always buy a wig

4) be in love with someone who does love you back. - claustrophobia would kick in if i was stuck in an elevator.
Reply:1...I would rather eat poop, You can always rinse out your mouth. If you were killed and eaten by tigers you would never have the chance to eat poop!

2...Would not like to be married to someone who has a longer atrunk than mine. Don't like peanut butter, but do have a foot fetish!!

3. Well, if I lost both of my hands then I would not be able to comb my hair and if I cut it all off, never to grow again, then I would not have any hair to comb. Kind of a catch 22 situation.

4...Definitely be locked in the elevator for 3 days. To love and not be loved is one of the worst emotions to mankind.
Reply:Locked cage wit tigers

marriage an elephant?

cut off all of my hair

either one no difference
Reply:1) eat poop

2) marry an elephant

3) cut my hair off

4) be locked in an elevator

I liked that, do more!!!
Reply:1) 2nd

2) not sure


Reply:This survey is really dumb. The only one with any real choice is #4.
Reply:1. Eat poop, as long as there were condiments.

2. Eat peanut butter off of a female hobo's foot.

3. Cut my hair off.

4. Elevator.
Reply:1)locked in a cage with tigers

2)marry an elephant

3)Cut off all hair

4)Be locked in elevator for 3 days.

By the way, didnt you get some of these questions from Zoey 101?
Reply:5)answer dumb questions like this!!!




Reply:Either you give me another choice or the date's off!!!
Reply:None of the above. Get a life. dee-dee-DEE !!!
Reply:You should add none of the above to this one.
Reply:get a grip, stupid questions
Reply:I have no time for this crap!
Reply:be locked in a elevator for three days



Reply:i would be locked in a elevator for 3 days.

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