Sunday, May 16, 2010

Circus animals; isnt it time to set them free?

A circus elephant in Australia has been accused of killing her keeper, after he was found dead (from a heart attack) in her pen, with a foot stomp injury to his torso. Why would anyone blame the poor animal, when it lives on a length of chain, but no-one actually witnessed his death, so the elephant may have been trying to help him, when he collapsed.

Circus animals; isnt it time to set them free?
if he was found dead from a heart attack.....i dont know how they could blame the animal...even if they found a stomp.....

all circus animals should be set free!!!! they are abused so much.....when they finally have enough and try to escape they are killed because they went "wild".....poor animals.....thats exactly why i dont go to the circus!!!!!
Reply:I agree to set them free but the average person wants to see a circus and live in an obliviously care-free world so. . .we're basically outnumbered
Reply:yes if they are not treated fair, but some animal love to please and learn to do tricks so in most cases its a good fit i think, if they is abuse then no
Reply:No, we can not set them free because they been kept in captivity too long to know how to survive in the wild.
Reply:I answer your question with a question.

How does an elephant help a man by stepping on him?

But I guess it is time for them to be free too...where will they go after?
Reply:I believe that there are certain animal its difficult to take out the wild in them, they should just be let alone, that is what they were created for, the wild and not for our entertainment.

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