Sunday, May 16, 2010

Could I be Developing Toxemia?

My feet and ankles are swollen to the point that they look like they belong to elephant man. I cannot even get my foot into some of my shoes and today I noticed my hands are swelling too. I just had my blood pressure checked last Friday and it was normal as always. Is it possible to have toxemia and normal blood pressure?

I am 38 1/2 weeks, if that helps. And I have not been nauseas or had headaches.


Could I be Developing Toxemia?
Probably not,some swelling is common right before labor starts, its actually an indicator that labor is near
Reply:I'm 37 weeks, and I've been swelling too, but my doctor told me there'ss nothing that they can do but to lay on my left side everyday for two hours after lunch. The reason why your swelling is b/c the baby is coming down and is pressing on certain nerves that cause you to swell and when you lay on your left side it takes pressure off of those nerves, Good luck!

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